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All your real estate services in one package.

   Land Management Services       Real Estate Marketing and Agency       Land Surveying and Survey equipment hiri ....       Property and Business Valuation       Property and Facilities Management   
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4.Land Management services

We offer professional advice on land matters like Right of occupancy,Title search,Building permits,land use planning and surveying

Real Estate Marketing and Agen ....

We sell,buy,lease and manage Real Estate Properties at the best Market Prices on for and on behalf o ....
Land Surveying and Survey equi ....

Land Surveying and Surveying equipment hiring We provide land surveying services like opening boun ....
Property and Business Valuatio ....

  We estimate Market values of real estate and business properties for various purposes like T ....
Property and Facilities Manage ....

Property and facilities Management We offer Property and facilities management for commercial and re ....


2 Bungalows for sale in Kira Wakiso
2 Multi Purpose plots for sale in Namumira Mukono
1 Bungalow for rent in Ntinda Kampala
1 Storyed house for rent in Bugolobi Kampala
1 Bungalow for sale in Buwate Wakiso
1 WareHouse for rent in Bweyogerere Wakiso
1 Multi Purpose Land for sale in Entebbe Wakiso
1 Apartment for rent in Kisasi Wakiso
1 Apartment for rent in Kololo Kampala
1 Apartment for sale in Kyaliwajala Wakiso
1 Commercial Land for sale in Kyetume Mukono
1 Bungalow for sale in Mbalala Mukono
1 Multi Purpose Land for sale in Mukono Mukono
1 Apartment for sale in Nabuti Mukono
1 Rental units for rent in Nabuuti Mukono
1 Apartment for rent in Naguru Kampala
1 WareHouse for sale in Namanve Mukono


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